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31 January 2009
Volunteers clear Bronze Age site in England

Volunteers from East Sussex (England) have been recruited to help preserve an important Bronze age archaeological site in Eastbourne by clearing vegetation. The raised timber platform was probably a small settlement or trading post about 2,800 years ago and is now buried under several feet of clay. It was discovered during the landscaping of Shinewater Park in 1995. The clearance project is part of the county council's Countryside Service Volunteers scheme.
     Archaeologist Chris Greatorex, who directed the excavation of the site when it was discovered during the development of Shinewater Park in 1995, is joining the volunteers to talk about the site and its history. It was once part of a network of Bronze Age track ways that criss-crossed the marshy area in what is now northern Eastbourne.

Source: BBC News (29 January 2009)

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