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15 February 2009
Save the Peat Moors Centre

"On the 4th of Feb 2009 the Executive Committee of Somerset County Council (Engand) resolved to close the Peat Moors Centre at the end of October 2009. The decision is due to be ratified by the full council on 18th February." This  educational centre, just outside Glastonbury, is home to reconstructions of Britain's prehistoric past. Huts, looms, bee skips, a boat carved from a single log, and much more can be seen here over the summer months. So why must it be closed down? Somerset Council has in its advertising literature of the Centre the following words: "Travel back in time to prehistoric Somerset and discover first hand how our ancient ancestors made their homes in the centre of an extensive wetland. Three full size reconstructions of Iron Age roundhouses have been created to give an insight into living conditions the unique Glastonbury Lake Village".
     The area around Glastonbury is unique with its peat lands which often produce evidence of our past prehistory. Excavations have uncovered one of the oldest roads in the world - the Sweet Track laid down around the year 3800 BCE, also the Iron Age Glastonbury Lake Village settlement, dated 300 BCE, it was found in the 19th century by Arthur Bulleid. Such rare finds are of great importance, and the Peat Moors Centre highlights Britain's past in an imaginative way, making the past come to life for its many visitors.

Source: Heritage Action Journal (14 February 2009)

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