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22 February 2009
Peat Moors Centre is to close

Sadly at the Somerset County Council meeting on the 18th February, it was decided to close the Peat Moors Centre on the grounds of budget savings, apparently there was no discussion as to the feasibility of keeping it open. The Warden at the Centre has taken a somewhat more positive approach to this bad news and welcomes all visitors to come, through the next season, before it closes in September 2009. He says as well "that this also buys us time to explore possible alternative options for a future for the Centre."
     The prehistoric reconstructions found at Peat Moors Centre belong to the rich heritage of the Somerset Levels (England), a watery landscape that has also inspired stories and myths of a Dark Age peopled with monks and the legendary King Arthur. Hopefully one of the solutions will be that an organisation such as Natural England will invest in the Centre and in doing so continue the protection of Britain's past history, and keep this heritage centre alive and kicking into the second millenium

Source: Heritage Action Journal (19 February 2009)

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