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28 February 2009
Mesolithic finds delay bypass in North West England

A potentially significant find from the Mesolithic age was unearthed during surveying work for the road, known as the Carlisle Northern Development Route (CNDR - Cumbria, England). It has not been revealed what was found and where it was dug up, but it was on what is described as 'a small plot'. Archaeologists have now requested further exploratory work be carried out. If the find is deemed important enough, a full-scale archaeological excavation would be launched, potentially stalling the problem-hit project for months.
     A Cumbria County Council spokesman said: "The archaeological surveying work which has been carried out along the length of the route for the new road has identified one small plot where there is the potential for findings from the Mesolithic age. Archaeologists believe further exploratory work should be carried out. This will involve surveys and sample boring to identify whether specific areas require archaeological excavation."

Source: News & Star (27 February 2009)

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