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10 March 2009
Discovery of 6000-year-old artefacts in Iran

Archaeologists reported the conclusion of the season of archaeological survey at Mīyān-Rūd Tappeh in Iraj area, of Rāmjerd, in the town of Marvdasht (Fārs Province, Iran). This survey was conducted for demarcation of The Miyan-Rud archaeological site, Miyan-Rud Tappeh, with an area of 2.5 hectare, contains remains of Bakun period (late 5th to early 4th millennium BCE) mainly The Bakun I and II periods, Also a little habitation evidence of The Lapuee period in the area, which was possibly used as their burial site, according to Musa Zar'a, head of archaeological team at Miyan-Rud site.
     According to Zar'a, archaeologists have prepared a plan of the site and have carried out ten test trenches witch resulted in discovery of number of artefacts. "Number of stone pestle and mortar, necklace beads made of mother of pearl and Azurite, stone tools, stone weights and potsherds", said Zar'a. A report by Iran's Archaeological Research Centre, reveals that there is evidence of a melting pot and kiln also identified at the Tappeh's centre. Zar'a added "Samples of ash also were taken for geophysical studies".

Source: CAIS (28 February 2009)

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