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10 March 2009
Bronze Age pottery kiln identified in the Burnt City

During the stratigraphical study conducted on Teppeh-Dasht archaeological site located 3 kilometres away from Burnt City in Sistan-va-Baluchestan Province (Iran), archaeologists have identified a 5000-years-old pottery kiln. "Current evidences verify that this pottery kiln is the same type as the kiln discovered by Maurizio Tosi at Rud-Biyābān Tappeh II", said Mehdi Mortazavi, director of Archaeological Survey and Stratigraphical Research team in the Burnt City.      
     Mortazavi who is a member of Scientific Group of the Sistan-va-Baluchestan University believes Teppeh-Dasht was one of the most important satellite areas of Burnt City. With regard to archaeogeography of the site Mortazvi added "due to the discovery of numerous pottery kilns in the site, it appears that the site was very important industrial centre for Burnt City and had played a major role in production of pottery".
     Some soil samples from the area which can be found within 3 kilometres radius of the site were sent to Esfahan and Sistan-va-Baluchestan Universities for further analyses.

Source: CAIS (1 March 2009)

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