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16 March 2009
Iran urbanized 4,500 years ago

Archeological studies have indicated that traces of ancient population in Iran's northern province of Mazandaran goes back 5,600 years. "Archeological excavations and precise date recognition at the historical site of Gohar Tappeh revealed urbanism had entered the region about 4,500 years ago," says Ali Mahforouzi, head of the excavation team of Gohar Tappeh of Mazandaran.
     The discovery has also led archeologists to believe that powerful political and economic systems in the region were established around 5,600 years ago. "If we believe in the theory that urban dwelling occurred after agrarian, we could claim settlement in Mazandaran province dates back to at least 5,600 years ago," Mahforouzi added. "We believe the powerful economic system was based on agriculture, animal husbandry, and trade - all among the basics of industry at the time," he said. "The history of pre-agrarian dwelling goes back to cave-dwelling era," Mahforouzi said. "There was a 3,800-year-old gap between cave and agrarian dwelling in the region though."

Source: Press TV (8 March 2009)

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