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16 March 2009
Ancient artifacts excavated in Vietnamese cave

Archaeologists from the Hoa Binh Museum and the Southeast Asia Prehisory Centre (Vietnam) have found more than 4,000 ancient artifacts of stone and bone at the Xom Trai archaeological site in Tan Lap commune, Lac Son district in northern Hoa Binh province since 2001.
     At a press briefing, scientists said Xom Trai Cave, recognised as a national archaeological site in 2001, is believed to be a tool workshop as well as a habitat for people of the Hoa Binh civilisation. Hundreds of stone artifacts, including seats and cutting tools, weighing up to 10 kg each, and tens of millions of seashells have been discovered in 200 sqm area in the cave.
     Researchers also discovered the oldest artifact of prehistoric art in Vietnam and two ancient tracks dating back 21,000 years. These ancient roads are the first of such discovery in southeast Asia. The skeleton of a man was found in a stratum of between 14,000-17,000 years old. Researchers said that the man was about 35-40 years old and 1.65-1.68 m tall. Researchers also found two kinds of mineral rock used by prehistoric people as nutrition supplements.

Source: Vov News (13 March 2009)

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