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30 March 2009
Archaeologists call for a dig in North Somerset

The potential for prehistoric archaeological finds under a caravan showroom in St Georges (North Somerset, England) could scupper plans to build nine homes on the site. An archaeologist is demanding a trial excavation on the site before any work takes place. In a letter to North Somerset planners, Vince Russett said an ancient salt-making industry of national importance may have operated on the site. Davan Caravans managing director Glen Davies, however, said the cost of the excavation could price the business out of the planned development.
     Mr Russett said "Late prehistoric and early Roman features had been recorded at the Magistrate Court, in Willow Close and during the Lidl development. He said: "The site lies in the same area where virtually all sites investigated have yielded evidence of a later prehistoric - early Roman salt-making industry. The industry is of sufficient size to be of national importance. Because of the high potential for this proposal site to contain archaeological structures and deposits relating to one or more of these sites, it is imperative the site be archaeologically evaluated by trial excavation prior to determination of the application."
     North Somerset Council is set to make a decision on the planning application next month.

Source: Weston & Somerset Mercury (28 March 2009)

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