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19 April 2009
Archaeological walk on Salisbury Plain

A walk led by Roy Canham to explore the archaeology of Salisbury Plain Training Area (Wiltshire, England) is organized for Saturday, 25 April, 2009 at 2 PM. It is a rare opportunity to see the historic landscape in areas that are usually closed to the public. This year the walk will be to the group of Neolithic Long Barrows and earthworks around Tilshead Lodge.
     Before his retirement in 2006, Roy Canham was the County Archaeologist. He has unrivalled knowledge of the archaeology of the county, and was largely responsible for persuading the MOD to introduce measures to protect archaeological remains on their land from damage during military training, some of which will be seen and explained during the walk.
     The afternoon will involve a walk of about two miles, some of it uphill and over rough ground. Suitable clothing and footwear essential. Because of the restricted access to MOD land coach to transport to and from the walk has been organised. Further information on times and coach pick-up points are available from the Bookings Secretary. Contact the Bookings Secretary on 01380 727369 or send an e-mail to wanhs@wiltshireheritage.org.uk.

Source: Wiltshire Heritage (April 2009)

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