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5 May 2009
10 weeks studying Seahenge

More than a decade since it was discovered on a Norfolk beach (England), a new course offers the opportunity to investigate some of the controversies surrounding Seahenge. It might not look too controversial, sitting at the centre of a Bronze Age display at Lynn Museum. But arguments raged after the circle was discovered on Holme Beach, in the winter of 1998, and archaeologists decided to dig it up to study its timbers. For the next 10 weeks, students can explore the arguments surrounding the decision. Experts taking part in the course include Maisie Taylor, one of the archaeologists who studied the 4000-year-old timbers and oversaw their preservation.
     Melissa Hawker, learning officer with Norfolk Museums service, said: "It's for anyone who's interested in exploring the debate. There are high level academics running sessions but it's not only for people who are academically-inclined." The 10-week course costs £40. Students have a two-hour session each Monday. For further information or to book a place on the course, call Melissa Hawker, on 01553 773450.

Source: EDP24 (17 April 2009)

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