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5 May 2009
Artifacts from 3700 BCE unearthed in Texas

UTSA Center for Archaeological Research (CAR) researchers are examining artifacts they recently discovered that date from 3700 BCE to 600 CE. The artifacts were discovered during a three-month dig at Miraflores Park, east of Brackenridge Park (Texas, USA). "We found a lot of Early Archaic materials from approximately 3500 BCE, which are of significant interest, including two Guadalupe tools that were used either for woodworking or the defleshing of hunted game," said Jon Dowling, CAR project archaeologist. "It was a really small area that we expected would be open and shut quickly, but it turned out to be a treasure chest of archaeology."
     According to Dowling, the artifacts will be curated and analyzed so CAR researchers can quantify and synthesize the data for better comprehension and understanding. Discovered artifacts include an Ensor projectile point (spear point) from the Transitional Archaic period (200 BCE-600 CE); a Tortugas projectile point (spear point) from the Middle Archaic period or earlier; an Early Triangular projectile point (spear point) from the Early Archaic period (3700-3600 BCE).

Source: UTSA Today (21 April 2009)

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