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5 May 2009
Bid to return ancient treasure to Anglesey

Ancient artefacts, more than 2,000 years old, should be brought back to Anglesey (Wales) claims an island politician. A large hoard of Iron Age materials were discovered in Llyn Cerrig Bach, Llanfair-yn-Neubwll, in 1942. The items are currently kept in Cardiff, but local councillor Gwilym O Jones believes the treasure troves should brought back and displayed at Llangefni's Oriel Môn. And the council agrees, explaining they are currently in talks on that very subject.
     Cllr Jones said: "I understand why the treasures were taken down to the National Museum in Cardiff. At the time there was nowhere secure enough on Anglesey to keep them. But that has changed in recent years. I feel that now is the time to campaign to bring the treasures back. I'm not talking about bringing them back permanently, but I feel they should here for part of the year, say through the summer months. I think many people would be interested in seeing them."
     Anglesey County Council's head of museums, archives and culture, Pat West, said: "We have a good working relationship with the National Museum and are in negotiations with them about holding a short term exhibition of the artefact found at Llyn Cerrig Bach. "As yet we have no set date for an exhibition but it would be in the next two to three years."
     Chariots, weapons, tools and decorated metalwork items were cast from a causeway or island into Llyn Cerrig Bach between 300 BCE and 100 CE. They were discovered in 1942 by William Roberts as the airfield was being extended to accommodate the US air force bomber, The Flying Fortress. The site was investigated by Sir Cyril Fox, the then keeper of archaeology at the National Museum of Wales in 1946.

Source: Anglesey Mail (29 April 2009)

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