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5 May 2009
Major dig at earliest Scots site

A big archaeological dig is taking place at the site in South Lanarkshire where the earliest evidence of human beings in Scotland was found. The Biggar Archaeology Group is beginning a major excavation of the area at Howburn Farm near Elsrickle. Last month it was revealed that flint artefacts unearthed there could date back 14,000 years to 12,000 BCE. Volunteers have been encouraged to go along to the site this weekend to take part in further exploration.
     The flints, discovered in 2005 but only recently carbon dated, are similar to tools known to have been used in the Netherlands and northern Germany in 12,000 BCE. They were probably used by hunters to kill reindeer, mammoth and giant elk and to cut up prey and prepare their skins. Details of the finds were published in British Archaeology magazine.

Source: BBC News (2 May 2009)

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