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1 June 2009
Middle East oldest village unearthed in Iran

Iranian and English archeologists have discovered Middle East's oldest village which dates back to at least 9800 BCE in western Iran. The unique archeological discovery reveals Iran was the main Neolithic center of the Middle East. "The historical site dates back to 9800 BCE and evidence suggest inhabitance in the site continued until 7400 BCE," said Hassan Fazeli, the director of Iran's Archeology Research Center.
     Archeologists believe such findings prove that Iran's dwellers moved out of caves around 11,800 years ago and settled in plains. Such discoveries strengthen the theory that with Iran being the main Neolithic center of the Middle East, the region was not only the center of agriculture. "Cultural officials plan to introduce the oldest human dwelling to the UNESCO," Fazeli said adding "Opening the historical site for public viewing is a step to initiate the plan."

Source: Turkish Weekly (25 May 2009)

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