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1 June 2009
Ancient tombs being restored in Mallorca

A team of archaeologists are working to restore the prehistoric necropolis at Son Real (Mallorca, Balearic Isles, Spain) to its previous sate when it was first excavated way back in the 1960s. During the initial excavation of the site, the experts decided to dismantle one of the graves. These graves were made of close fitting stones in the form of an upturned boat and such a practice would be unthinkable in this day and age. This particular type of grave is still on display in the Museum of Mallorca. However, since the year 2006, a team of archaeologists working under the direction of Margalida Muner has been working at the site in the hope of restoring the area to its original condition in the 1960s.
     One of the archaeologists, Jordi Hernandez, explained that they have more than two thousand photographs from the 1960s which give them constant information as to how the necropolis would have looked at that time. They can even identify all the stones which means that they are able to restore the tombs to their original condition. It is believed that the reason these graves, originally built around 1,000 BCE, were constructed in this specific way was in order to protect the spirits of the dead.

Source: EuroWeekly (29 May 2009)

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