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14 June 2009
Stones, snakes and sun - Summer Solstice in Brittany

A Summer Solstice event will be held near Carnac, in Brittany (France). For 5 days, starting on June 18th, there will be talks, sunrise and sunset observations, visits to megalithic sites on foot, by boat and by helicopter, workshops, exhibitions, films, story telling and music.
     If you want to know more, you can visit Plouharnel from June 18th to 22nd and for 35€, you will have the unique opportunity to discover one of the most incredible megalithic sites in the world by air and see how these different alignments (Erdeven, Carnac, Plouharnel) and tumulus (Saint Michel, Kercado, Crucuny) are related. This year the organizers are thrilled to welcome back Robin Heath who will talk about his latest work on the astronomical heritage of the ancients. He's coming with his colleague and friend Paul Broadhurst of "The Sun and the Serpent" fame. Howard Crowhurst, who has been living in the Carnac area since 1986, will help visitors discover this amazing site and show how it's related to British monuments. Other speakers include Hugn Newman (Megalithomania), Kate Masters, Regor Mougeot, Audrey Fella, Philippe Gaillard, Pierre Le Labousse, Priscilla Abraham and Bruno Mauguin.
     This event is organised by ACEM (Association pour la Connaissance et l'Etude des Mégalithes), a non-profit making organisation based in Plouharnel. More details on their website www.megalithes.info  or send an email message to solsticefrance@gmail.com

Source: Summer Solstice in Plouharnel (June 2009)

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