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14 June 2009
Neolithic discoveries in Abu Dhabi

The Historic Environment Department of the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH) has recently carried out surveys and excavations in different parts in Abu Dhabi (UAE) during which the archaeological team unearthed priceless archaeological findings at sites in Al Shuaib.
     Among these findings were a pair of silver earrings, two bronze coins, a small ring, stone equipments used as hammers, and pieces of stoves that may have been used for cooking beside which animal fossils were found. Fractures of potteries were identified, after being collected from sites surveyed, as well as granite fragments, which probably mark attempts to carve granite pieces during Neolithic, casting shadows over the possibility of the existence of Neolithic sites at this period, perhaps buried beneath the sand or near it.
     The archaeological team carried on its surveys and excavations last February at Al Ain, along the Al Ain to Dubai highway, where the team undertook data collection and recording of archaeological sites all over the valleys and dunes in that area, as a preliminary step for listing all these sites in a single database at ADACH.
     Abu Dhabi citizens played a vitally distinguished role in reporting several sites in the desert, which sites were unearthed, then registered as new ADACH archaeological areas. UAE citizens were also actively helpful in handing over several ancient pieces they found to ADACH.

Source: Middle East Online (8 June 2009)

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