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14 June 2009
Excavation uncovers Bronze Age burial mound in Wales

A Bronze Age burial mound, thought to be at least 3,500 years old, has been discovered in Penycloddiau, Denbighshire (North Wales). The ancient resting place was discovered in an excavation of the Penycloddiau Iron Age hillfort, which lies between Llandyrnog and Nannerch, by the Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust.
     The mound had been heavily eroded by the Offa's Dyke trail, which runs across the top of it and through the centre of the hillfort. Although no dating evidence was found, archaeologists could distinguish the mound as being Bronze Age. One of the most obvious discoveries was a 'robbers' trench' - a large hole where the burial should have been - including a rectangular shape cut into the bedrock directly underneath the trench. Samantha Williams, hillforts conservation officer said: "Unfortunately for us, they were really good and took everything away, rather than looking simply for treasure."

Source: Evening Leader (8 June 2009)

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