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7 July 2009
Private group offers to run prehistoric site in Ohio

A nonprofit group has offered to take over management of Fort Ancient, a prehistoric Indian site located in Ohio (USA) that faced with closing this summer because of proposed cuts in state funding. If approved by state officials, Fort Ancient would be the 34th of 58 Ohio Historical Society sites to be managed by a private entity.
     Under the plan, the Dayton Society of Natural History would operate the 100-acre site near Oregonia, about 30 miles northeast of Cincinnati. The group already manages a similar archaeological complex, the SunWatch Indian Village/Archaeological Park in Dayton. "They would be a great partner to work with us," said George Kane, director of historic sites for the Ohio Historical Society. The state is looking to forge similar partnerships to manage 13 other historic places.
     Fort Ancient's more than 3.5 miles of earthen walls, now covered with grass and trees, were built by members of the prehistoric Hopewell culture. They used the site, which overlooks the Little Miami River, for ceremonial and social gatherings.

Source: The Columbus Dispatch (5 July 2009)

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