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13 July 2009
BorgerMeetings: conferences on the Funnelbeaker culture

The Megalith Museum 'Hunebedcentrum Borger', dr J.A. Bakker and Hazenberg Archeologie will organize the BorgerMeetings, a series of international TRB conferences. The first of these conferences will be held in Borger
(The Netherlands) from November 25th to 28th 2009, and is titled 'From funeral monuments to household pottery - current advances in TRB research'. The Funnelbeaker culture, short TRB from (German) Trichterbecherkultur (ca 4000 BCE–2700 BCE) is the principal north central European megalithic culture of late Neolithic Europe.
     The aim of this conference is to bring together TRB specialists from all over the world. The organisation expects the meeting to serve as a follow-up to the influential TRB conference "1. Internationale Trichterbechersymposium" in Schleswig, 1985. Various specialists are invited to talk about their research. In principle the entire TRB culture and all of its aspects are covered in the conference: from megalithic and earth graves, ritual deposits and pottery to settlements and recent megalith excavations. The meeting will bring attendants up to date on the current state of TRB research.
     Among the most interesting presentations of the conference, we mention 'Megaliths and TRB ceramics in Northern Germany' (Prof. Dr. Johannes Mueller); 'Megalithic research in Sweden' (Dr. Karl Göran Sjögren); 'Communities of the Funnel Beaker Culture in the period of erecting  monumental tombs in the territory of Poland: rituals, vessels and social divisions' (Dr. Kamil Adamczak); 'Megaliths in Middle-Elbe-Saale-Region and Altmark, Germany' (Dr. Barbara Fritsch), 'The causewayed enclosures and their settlement landscape at Sarup, Denmark' (Dr. Niels Andersen); 'Examples of the architecture and construction of the Danish passage graves' (Torben Dehn); 'TRB monuments: preservation and restoration' (Jorgen Westphal) and 'Research into the megaliths of the TRB and, following upon recent researches, where the megalithic studies should be heading' (Dr. Magda Midgley).
     Further information can be found at www.borgermeetings.com

Source: BorgerMeetings (July 2009)

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