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26 July 2009
Excavation in Lebanon aims to uncover ancient ruins

The Directorate-General of Antiquities, Lebanon, has said that it plans to resume excavation at the Freres archaeological site in the old city of Sidon in collaboration with a delegation of the British museum, in order to uncover more ancient ruins. Earlier excavation procedures at the site led to the discovery of several of the citys underground layers, which dated back to 1,000-4,000 BCE.
     Claude Doumit Serhal, the head of the British museum delegation, said that archaeological teams would also conduct excavation works at the neighboring site of Sandaqli in order to conduct comparative research among the two sites layers. Serhal said that the excavation at the old Freres site disclosed the presence of six old layers that dated back to 3,000 BCE, eight others to 2,000 BCE and five to 1000 BCE.

Sources: ANI, Little About (12 July 2009)

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