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26 July 2009
Remains of ancient buildings found in Croatia

Archaeologists have spent 12 years researching the 8,000 year old 'Starcevacka Kultura' (Starcevacka Culture) from the Neolithic. This is the first time that remains have been found above ground. "This is the oldest above ground object in Croatia," said the head of research, doctor Kornelija Minichreiter. She considers the discovery to very important, because it changes the picture of development of the Starcevacka Culture.
     The discovered building is 7x7m. Up until now it was known above-ground objects appeared in the late phase of Starcevacka Culture, like the ones found in Vinkovci. "However, now we move the chronology here by a thousand years back, and we can reliably say that there were above ground objects in these areas eight thousand years ago," says Minichreiter.
     This current research is being carried out on around 150 square meters, and during the last 12 years the researchers have covered close to 3,000 square meters of land. They have found valuable items which can help the reconstruct the life of the people that lived in the Neolithic.

Source: Javno (22 July 2009)

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