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15 August 2009
Early Bronze Age artefacts discovered in Prague

When repairing Terronská Street in Bubeneč, Prague (Czech Republic), archaeologists discovered artefacts from the Early Bronze Age. The most interesting is the ceramic mould of the lower part of a leg. Such a discovery is believed to be unique in the Czech Republic. Archaeologists have uncovered 14 pits in total. In one of them they found a skeleton that dates back to 1,400 years BCE, and more than a dozen undamaged items that are currently being examined. It is possible that other pits are hiding additional discoveries.
     "Apart from a human skeleton, a fragment of a mould used for bronze casting was discovered, the dig has also brought to light a ceramic mould of the lower part of a leg, from the shin down," said  Michal Bureš from the company Archeo Pro. The 'shoe' has a filigree ornamental decoration, and according to M. Bureš it provides archaeologists with information on how people dressed themselves at this time. Archaeologists will spend about 20 days at the site.

Source: Praha.eu (31 July 2009)

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