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15 August 2009
Prehistoric Czech people had contact with Black Sea area

The finds archaeologists have uncovered in Mikulovice in the Pardubice region (Czech Republic) prove that the local prehistoric people had contacts with the Black Sea area in the 6-5th centuries BCE, archeologist Jan Frolik said. The experts have uncovered remnants of ancient pottery people's settlements including bone decorations and a saddle of Scythian origin, which proves that the people were in contact with the remote Black Sea region, situated some 1000 km away in the southeast direction. "The things could appear here as a result of trade, it could be a gift or a souvenir. It is surprising that the people had contacts across such a huge distance," said Frolik.
     Another rare find, of importance much higher than regional, is the ancient burial ground of the Unetice people from the Early Bronze Age (about 2000 BCE). "A total of 56 graves with 59 buried people have been uncovered. Most of the deceased were buried in a crouched position, along with bronze jewels and weapons. Especially extraordinary are the finds of amber, including a necklace with more than 400 corals," said Jana Marikova-Kubkova, from the Archaeological Institute in Prague.

Source: Prague Daily Monitor (10 August 2009)

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