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15 August 2009
Memorial planned to Bronze Age man

The remarkable story of an early Bronze Age man unearthed on a Howe of Fife (Scotland) farm has been recalled at an event aimed at raising funds to give him a fitting memorial. Visitors were invited to enjoy a garden trail in the hamlet of Coaltown of Burnturk, near Kingskettle, in honour of a man whose elaborate burial 4000 years ago is thought to be evidence of his standing in the community.
     Although the grave has been dismantled and the artefacts are now in the Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, it is hoped to establish a memorial near Rameldry Farm, where the historic find was made, comprising an inscribed cist stone and an archaeological display. It is also planned to recreate the clothing he would have worn, including the Whitby jet buttons that adorned his garments.
     The burial cist was discovered in February 2000 and the skeleton and artefacts removed during a four-day excavation. The man, thought to be aged between 40 and 50, had been laid on his side with his head bent forward, arms tucked in, and knees brought up to his chest. A bronze dagger with a bronze or wooden handle, thought to have come from Europe, was found next to his head, and six ornately carved conical Whitby jet buttons were found around the waist region.

Sources: Fife Today, Courier (13 August 2009)

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