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30 August 2009
Land of the Standing Stones

How do you capture the spirit of an area through music? How can one piece of music reflect the diversity of an area such as Aberdeenshire (Scotland)? Aberdeenshire Council's Arts Development Team has commissioned renowned local fiddler Paul Anderson to compose a piece of music which captures the spirit of Aberdeenshire and provides a vibrant and creative dimension to Scotland's Homecoming celebrations.
     Paul's work, Land of the Standing Stones, has been inspired by the standing stones near his home, and the large number of such sites that are such a particular feature of the landscape of Aberdeenshire. Land of the Standing Stones is an evocative slow air which encapsulates much of the pride and emotion felt by Scots around the globe about their home and place of origin. The tune will act as the thread that will unite Aberdeenshire in celebration of St Andrew.
     The work was played at a ceremony at Easter Aquhorthies Stone Circle near Inverurie. Composer Paul Anderson said he wrote the piece at the Tomnaverie Stone Circle near Tarland as it is a place he often goes to compose music. He said "The title of the piece was partly inspired by it being composed as Tomnaverie, but its more to do with it being representative of the whole of the North-East. I believe we have one of the greatest concentrations of standing stones and stone circles in the world and so Land of the Standing Stones seemed very appropriate as a title."
     For further information: www.aberdeenshirearts.org.uk/landofthestandingstones

Sources: Aberdeenshire Arts (August 2009), The Modern Antiquarian (29 August 2009)

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