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26 September 2009
3,300-year-old site discovered in Sri Lanka

An archaeological site more than 3330 years old has been found in the Udaranchamadama area in Embilipitiya (Sri Lanka), by a group of local archaeologists. The site had been discovered by Professor Raj Somadeva and his team while excavating an area belonging to the Sri Jayabodharama temple in Udaranchamadama. The ruins of a cemetery had been found earlier in the Pahalaranchamadama school premises and this team believed that traces of the village that used the cemetery could be discovered from this excavation.
     "The discovery of this site is a landmark in our history. This is the first time in Sri Lanka that we have found artefacts that are to more than 3330 years old," said Professor Somadeva. Grinding stones, painted pots, granite tools and other items were among the findings. Excavations are to be completed within the next two weeks. The team expects to obtain more information about the village from further excavations.

Source: Daily Mirror (21 September 2009)

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