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26 September 2009
Funding crisis could cost Flag Fen its future

A funding crisis has put the future of one Peterborough's major heritage attractions in jeopardy. Flag Fen Archaeology Park, one of Europe's most important Bronze Age sites, located in England, may not be able to reopen after its winter break because of cash flow problems.
     It is believed the Bronze Age Centre and Archaeology Park will need tens of thousands of pounds if it is to reopen next year, after it closes for its winter break in November. Fund-raisers for the centre are blaming the credit crunch for a lack of grants it needs for survival. Now Flag Fen trustees are to hold crisis talks with Peterborough City Council and Opportunity Peterborough on Monday to look at the options available for rescuing the site, which dates back to 1300 BCE.
     The news comes after visitor numbers at the site rose in 2009 - but the centre's general manager, Neil Hart, said it was still not enough to make the site self-sustaining. He said: "The current economic climate means that funding is particularly difficult to find, especially for everyday running costs, but the trust is continuing to identify potential new sources of income. The site will be open to the public until November 1, as planned, but what happens after that is uncertain."
     Newly-appointed trustee, city councillor Stephen Goldspink, said: "Closure is the one thing everyone wants to avoid." He said if the council was to provide help, Flag Fen must 'come up with a robust business plan to show it can become self-supporting and prove it can fit into the arts and heritage plans for the city'.

Sources: The Evening Telegraph, Peterborough Today (25 September 2009)

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