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3 October 2009
Neolithic axehead found near Norwich

Amateur archaeologist David Soanes found an eight-inch long Neolithic axehead, dating from around 4,000 BCE using his metal detector near Norwich (Norfolk, England). Mr Soanes has pledged to give it to Norwich Castle Museum. He said he did not wish to reveal the exact location where he found the flint head only that it was on the outskirts of Norwich. Norfolk has previously been named one of the most prolific places in the country for metal detector finds.
     He said: "I have never found anything as good as this before, and it was just lying on the surface. A dealer has already offered me about £400 for it, but I will donate it to the Castle Museum. I have already given the museum quite a few of my finds."
     Tim Pestell, curator of archaeology at Norwich Castle Museum, said the item was not particularly rare but would still be gratefully received. He said: "The whole collection at the museum is based on the generosity of the citizens of Norwich in donating items to us in the last 150 years. "If Mr Soanes does donate this item to us that would be a continuation of that, and we would obviously be very grateful to him."

Sources: Norwich Evening News 24 (28 September 2009), The Advertiser 24 (3 October 2009)

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