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17 October 2009
Bronze Age arrowhead discovered in England

A keen historian is delighted to have discovered a rare Bronze Age arrowhead in Rutland (England). Charles Haworth was out dog walking in Langham when he came across the piece of history on the edge of a ploughed field. Mr Haworth said: "I've dreamed my whole life of finding a prehistoric flint, and now I've found one when I was least expecting it. It is always worth keeping your eyes open."
     From a picture of the arrowhead, Tim Clough, the honorary editor of the Rutland History and Records Society, believes it dates from sometime between 3000 and 1800 BCE. He said: "It is good to be able to add another arrowhead of this period to Rutland's archaeological archive. It is absolutely typical in style and this neat and clever design was current for many hundreds of years - a good example of the flint-knapper's craft."
     Mr Haworth has also reported the find to the Leicestershire and Rutland Archaeological Network and Langham Village History Group. Archivist for the village group, Mike Frisby, of Orchard Road, said: "This isn't a unique find for Langham - I know of at least two other bronze age arrowheads which were found here. We know Langham had both Bronze Age and Iron Age settlements and this latest find is good evidence to confirm people were in this area at that time." Members of the Langham group hope to conduct field walks next year when they expect to uncover many more historical artefacts.

Source: Rutland Times (15 October 2009)

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