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27 October 2009
Prehistoric ceremonial site discovered in Devon

A series of ancient monuments dating back millennia has been discovered on a remote moor in Devon (England). The remains were found after water levels were lowered at the old Tottiford Reservoir, near Moretonhampstead. The find includes remains of ancient walled buildings, burial mounds and a stone circle 27m (89ft) across.
     Jane Marchand, of Dartmoor National Park Authority, describes the find: "It's a proper ceremonial site - we've also got ten burial cairns there. It was probably a real community centre. There are a lot of earlier recordings in this area of polished stone axes and so on - and I've always wondered why they were there. This place could have been the focus for all that activity. Most of the stones we found would have been put in place around 4,000 years ago but some of the flint is much earlier, going right back to the Mesolithic period around 7,000 to 8,000 years ago."

Source: Metro.co.uk, Heritage Key (22 October 2009)

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