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27 October 2009
Iron Age artefacts and human remains found in Yorkshire

Ancient human remains have been unearthed during an archaeological dig at the Caythorpe Gas Storage site between Rudston and Boynton (East Yorkshire, England).
Five human burials have been recovered by experts. One set of remains dates to the late Iron Age and had been buried with a simple iron brooch.
     Archaeologists have also found evidence of a settlement at the site, including an Iron Age round house. Other finds recovered include large fragments of a millstone and numerous fragments of pottery and animal bones.
     The skeletons have been removed from the site by archaeologists but some of the first people to see other finds were pupils from Boynton Primary School. Children from years five and six were invited to Centrica Storage Limited's site, which is just down the road from the school, to learn about an archaeological dig that has been taking place over recent months. The children donned hard hats and high visibility vests so they could be taken on a tour of the excavated area on site before taking their seats back in the classroom to look at actual artefacts and photographs of finds.

Source: Driffield Post (22 October 2009)

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