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23 November 2009
Archaeologists to study Bronze Age barrow in West Sussex

Archaeologists are to study a Bronze Age barrow in a corner of a sand quarry site at Minsted, near Stedham (West Sussex, England). West Sussex County Council has given consent for the scheme, submitted on behalf of the Dudman Group which operates the Minsted site.
     Stedham with Iping Parish Council was told two other barrows had already been destroyed by operations at the quarry over the years, and this barrow was one of a series of five that extended to Fitzhall, on the Elsted road. Clearance of undergrowth is due to take place this month in preparation for archaeological trenches to be dug and the findings assessed by experts in the spring of 2010.
     Councillors heard that, depending on the results of the investigations, it would be decided if the barrow should be left undisturbed or preserved 'by record', where the barrow would be extensively photographed and described by archaeology specialists and then allowed to be destroyed. Preservation by record and subsequent destruction of the barrow would allow the Minsted sandpit to be extended. The county council has confirmed in discussions that unauthorised workings at the quarry are still to be resolved, and the matter is with its legal department.

Source: Chichester Observer (12 November 2009)

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