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3 December 2009
10,000-year-old weapon found in Ontario

Archaeologists in Windsor, Ontario (Canada), have discovered a 10,000-year-old stone weapon. Newmarket archaeologist Kim Slocki said she found a single 'projectile point' in her pre-construction survey of the site of a new arena. She said the artifact comes from Paleoindian hunters often called the 'first people of Ontario.' Other archeologists familiar with the area said her find is at least 7,000 years older than anything previously discovered there.
     Archeologist Christopher Ellis, one of North America's leading experts on Paleoindians, described them as nomadic hunters and fishermen who moved into southern Ontario as the glaciers retreated. "It's like a needle in a haystack to find one of these sites," said Ellis, who also teaches at the University of Western Ontario. In Ontario, they may have hunted caribou and Arctic fox, based on bones found at one site, Ellis said.
     A 15-metre by 10-metre site where the artifact was found has now been fenced off for a more comprehensive archeological dig in the spring, Slocki said. But the discovery wasn't close enough to the arena site to hold up construction, said Mayor Wayne Hurst.

Sources: Canada.com, Windsor Star (27 November 2009)

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