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8 December 2009
Cup-marked boulder dumped because 'awkward to drive around'

Westertown Farm (NJ 58824450) is situated on the A97 road just south of the B9001 junction, about 8km northeast of Huntly (Aberdeenshire, Scotland). This is an area with many ancient sites, including several stone circles and cup-marked stones. The Westertown Stone is 2.2 meters in length by 1.5 meters wide with 12 plain cup marks.
     Unfortunately, anybody looking for this cup marked stone will be wasting their time. The farmer buried the stone several years ago in the same field in which it had rested for years. The reason given - he couldn't be bothered driving around it. There then followed arguments between the Historic Scotland and the farmer. So in the end not a very good result.
     Meanwhile at Corskellie (NJ 55864751), a magnificent cup and ring marked stone was found. The farmer here displayed the stone, along with two others, on a platform beside a new barn. Surely this would and should have been the answer at Westertown!

Source: The Heritage Journal (1 December 2009)

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