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10 January 2010
Neolithic stonewares discovered in Tibet

A team of archaeologists has found stonewares from the Neolithic Age in southeastern Tibet. According to the Nyingchi Prefectural Bureau of Culture, Radio and Television, the stonewares were found in Medog County, Nyingchi Prefecture, southeastern Tibet. They were discovered by members of the Tibet Autonomous Regional Survey Team and the Nyingchi Prefectural Survey Team, during the third national cultural relics survey. They found 34 stonewares and collected 28 of them, including axes, adzes and chisels.
     Experts of the Shaanxi Provincial Archeology Research Institute and the Tibet Autonomous Regional Cultural Relics Research Institute judged that the stonewares belonged to the Neolithic Age and that the river banks where the stoneware were found saw frequent human activities in ancient times. Cui Xiaodong, director of the bureau, said that the discovery is of vital importance to the research on the production and living conditions of human ancestors living in Medog County and the Yarlung Zangbo River Canyon.

Sources: People's Daily Online (28 December 2009), DNA India (29 December 2009)

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