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10 January 2010
Rare sheep killed at Flag Fen

Struggling heritage site Flag Fen has been hit with more woes after five of its rare sheep were killed. The deaths leave just five of the historic breed remaining at the Bronze Age site in Peterborough (England).
     It is believed that dogs allowed to run free at the site could be to blame for two attacks. Park manager James Beatty said: "It's horrific that dogs are allowed to run free in the country. It's just ignorance. Mr Beatty, who is running the site after the departure of former manager Neil Hart in October, said the surviving sheep had one of its legs was mauled. The incidents bring the total of attacks at the site to five in just 12 months.
     Flag Fen has recently faced financial worries, with a lack of funding and its long term future is uncertain. However, the site could come under the control of Peterborough City Council as part of the Culture and Leisure Trust, which is due to be created in April.
     Mr Beatty said: "We are not keeping the sheep to sell them, it's to remind people of what the sheep were like in the Bronze Age." Police have launched an investigation into the latest attack. Anyone with information on the attacks should call community safety unit officer, Carol Aston on 0345 456 4564.

Source: The Evening Telegraph (7 January 2010)

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