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1 February 2010
5th Megalithomania Conference

The 5th Megalithomania conference is planned at Glastonbury (Somerset, England) next May 8th and 9th, 2010. Among the speakers, Aubrey Burl will give a glimpse into his new research on stone circles; Robert Bauval will be discussing his breakthrough discoveries about the origins of Egypt, and Andrew Collins will be revealing the cave and tunnel systems beneath Giza he recently discovered. Staying on that continent, Michael Tellinger will be opening up a lost megalithic civilization from Great Zimbabwe that is arguably the oldest city-state on the planet; and Antoine Gigal has rediscovered pyramids on Mauritius, as well as in Sicily and Tenerife. Back to Albion, Anthony Thorley will be discussing the subject of his Phd, Landscape Zodiacs in Britain, and Francine Blake will be comparing ancient rock carvings to modern crop circle symbolism.
     A concert for Saturday night (8th May) is planned at the conference venue and details of that will be announced soon. There will also be another Megalithic art gallery and a full day seminar with Michael Tellinger detailing his  discoveries in South Africa, plus three days of tours to sacred sites.
     The organizers of the conference inform that a few discounted tickets are still available. Tickets are £70 (then £82) for the first 50 sold, so please call 01458 831800 or check www.megalithomania.co.uk to reserve your seat.
Source: Megalithomania (January 2010)

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