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16 February 2010
Bronze Age hut circle uncovered in Cornwall

A Bronze Age hut circle near Lanlivery, on Helman Tor (Cornwall, England), has been revealed by conservationists. Recently, nine volunteers met at the Cornwall Wildlife Trust's largest nature reserve, which takes in the tor and the surrounding 217 hectares (536 acres), and stripped back gorse to show off the monument. Mid Cornwall reserves officer, Sean O'Hea said: "This is a really positive thing we are doing for the reserve. By stripping back the gorse, we are encouraging increased plant biodiversity and as a result we will see more butterflies and bird species eventually. The whole tor including the hut circle is a Scheduled Ancient Monument - the tor's got quite a few features of interest but the gorse makes it difficult to see them."
     The archaeological management of the reserve is being advised by English Heritage with the Historic Environment Service. Helman Tor is a county geological site and the ancient monument makes up part of the remains of a Neolithic hill settlement.

Sources: This is Cornwall, Cornish Guardian (3 Febryary 2010)

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