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16 March 2010
Prehistoric axes unearthed in Cuba

A new archeological discovery of prehistoric tools in the area surrounding the Cedro Lagoon in the province of Villa Clara (Cuba) is giving rise to new theories of the existence of ceramist agricultural settlements in the northern part of this region. An archeologist from the Provincial Center for Environmental Studies and Services, Rául Villavicencio, confirmed that five polished axes, 25 chisels made from sea shells, and various ceramic fragments were found. Villavicencio said that previously the area had only produced archaeological evidence of hunter-gatherer civilizations.
     The new find was made in firm ground, 600 meters from the coast, leading investigators to believe that the area might have been a settlement with houses built on piles very close to the water with agricultural fields inland by more fertile land. Researchers have still not determined if the objects are the result of cultural exchanges with ceramist civilizations relatively close to the area or produced by the inhabitants of the area. A group of archaeologists led by Villavicencio will try to determine this and other mysteries such as the controversy over the location of the Carahate aboriginal peoples who were described in the Indian Chronicles written by Fray Bartolomé de las Casas in 1514.

Source: Cuban News Headlines (9 March 2010)

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