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16 March 2010
Spring equinox sunrise at Loughcrew

The Irish Office of Public Works will have staff in attendance at Cairn T, Loughcrew (Co Meath, Ireland) on the mornings of Saturday the 20th of March, Sunday the 21st March and Monday the 22nd March from 6.15am until 7.30am. Admission to the Chamber of Cairn T for the Equinox Illumination of the chamber is free of charge.
     As the chamber is quite small, only 5 or 6 people can be inside at a time. Visitors are requested to stay inside for only a few minutes so that everyone can get a chance to visit.  Please note that it is very important that visitors dress warmly and are wearing stout shoes. The climb to the top of Carnbane East is very steep and can be slippery after rain or on frosty mornings.

Source: Newgrange.com (16 March 2010)

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