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17 April 2010
Bronze Age finds at Guernsey airport

With the planned development of Guernsey's runway surveying around the airport uncovered the remains of a bronze age settlement in 2008. Archaeological excavation began on the site in March 2009 and soon uncovered the remains of what appeared to be a cremation pit. By March 2010 this picture of a settlement had developed further.
     States Archaeology Officer, Phillip de Jersey, said: "We think this was used for some form of industrial activity." Phillip explained that the site appeared to date from 1,500 to 2,000 BCE but did not appear to feature any kind of residential settlement. He said: "It might have been for something like treating flax to make cloth - we don't think it was metal working because there aren't enough signs of metal here."
     As the plans for the airport developed Phillip explained that the focus of their research had moved as well and led them to begin excavating the next field close to the end of the airport. Even with the minor excavation completed by March 2010 on the newer site Bronze Age pottery and flint had been found and Phillip said: "It may turn out to be more of an occupation site."
     Though the dig has turned up several interesting finds it is highly unlikely that anything found will stop the airport development going ahead. Phillip said: "I don't think we're going to find another Stonehenge! The important thing for us is seeing what's there and having the opportunity to excavate it well in advance and record the information before it gets lost."

Source: BBC News (5 April 2010)

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