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17 April 2010
Prehistoric tumuli found in central Serbia

Archaeologists from the museum in the city of Čačak discovered several pre-historic tumuli in the vicinity of the Mrčajevci settlement in the Krnjina region of central Serbia. The four discovered burial mounds have diameters ranging between 20 and 50 metres and are about one metre in height.
     "Among them, there is one tumulus with particularly large dimensions. This is the fifth site in Moravia Valley," Delfina Rajić, director of the Čačak museum said, cited by national media. It might be expected that necropolis from the Bronze and Iron Ages also exist in the viinity of Krnjina, Rajić said.
     The excavations in the Mrčajevci area are included in this year's plan for the museum's activities, Rajić also added. But not all the burial mounds will be excavated. According to Rajić, because of the vulnerability of the sites, the archaeological department has plans to examine only one tumulus in order to obtain images of the sites' stratigraphy and chronology. It is expected the research will shed more light on the life of prehistoric inhabitants of this region.

Source: Balkan Travellers (7 April 2010)

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