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4 May 2010
Fort Jackson 9000 year history revealed

A large scale excavation at Fort Jackson, South Carolina (USA) has revealed evidence of archaeology dating back 9000 years before the US Army took up residence.
     Artifacts from the 'Archaic' period provided a valuable insight into the anthropological history of the region. It was until recently believed that human camps were concentrated solely along the major rivers of Wateree and Broad. Fort Jackson is situated many miles away on sandy uplands and was not considered a valuable area for excavation.
     Five locations at the Fort Jackson dig uncovered sandstone hearths, quartz knapped tools, weapon points and rare pottery. Stone artifacts suggest these humans were travellers, with the stone used coming from North Carolina and the South Carolina and Georgia coasts. The natural gepography is ideal as a stopping off point for these nomadic groups and two natural springs and veins of quartz would have been enough incentive. As a watering hole the local widlife would have been drawn there, offering the natives a welcome food source.
     Initial investigations started in 1989 prompting a ban at Fort Jackson on any development of the land. However, demand for more barracks at the base have called for an acceleration of the archaeological project, to secure the history  before it is lost to construction. There are no immediate plans to start building, at this stage.

Sources: The State (24 April 2010), The Sun News (25 April 2010)

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