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4 May 2010
Megalithomania 2010

The annual Megalithomania event will be held in Glastonbury (Somerset, England) on the 8th and 9th of May 2010 at the Glastonbury Assembly Rooms. Organizers are sorry to announce that Aubrey Burl has pulled out of the conference for personal reasons; however Paul Devereux will now do an extra talk on the Saturday.
     Now in its fifth year, Megalithomania 2010 includes three guided tours to sacred sites with the experts and Michael Tellinger will be holding an extra talk and seminar in Glastonbury on the Tuesday and Wednesday after the conference.
     Speakers include Robert Bauval (Black Genesis: the ancient origins of Egypt); Paul Devereux (Sacred geography and archaeoacoustics); Walter Cruttenden (Precession and the lost star of myth and time); Andrew Collins (Finding Eden - the mystery of the Gobekli Tepe and Giza's cave underworld); Gary Biltcliffe (The Belinus line: the spine of Albion); Antoine Gigal (The mysterious pyramids of Mauritius, Tenerife and Sicily); Anthony Thorley (Landscape zodiacs of Britain); Maria wheatley (Tours to Stonehenge, Avebury and numerous 'lost' sites in the Wessex area); Francine Blake (Crop circles and megalithic symbolism); Michael Tellinger (Stone circles and ancient gold mines in South Africa) and Shaun Kirwan (Ancient geomancy and earth energies).
     There are various options with tickets starting from £45 for a day ticket. For booking and more information you can visit www.megalithomania.co.uk
Source: Megalithomania PR (30 April 2010)

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