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10 May 2010
Rock Art Meeting 2010 - North Yorkshire

Next Sunday, 23rd May 2010 the Rock Art Meeting will be held at Howldale Moor and Brow Moor / Fylingdales Moor, North Yorkshire (England). Rendezvous is at Howl Moor car park at 10:00 (grid ref NZ 970 011). The organizers point out that the terrain of the moor ground is fairly level with a few of short steep inclines. The moor can be quite wet at times so stout footwear and suitable clothing should be worn.  
     The moor suffered from a devastating fire in 2003 and has been subject to an extensive multi-agency regeneration project. The moor is classed as a site of special scientific interest and a wildlife conservation area managed by the Hawk and Owl trust.
     The National Park Archaeologists, Landowner and the Hawk and Owl Trust rangers request that visitors must keep to the footpaths, avoid random trampling of the heather and be mindful that there are ground nesting birds on the moor - definitely no dogs. A number of the carvings are in quite a delicate condition, this has been worsened by the severity of the recent winter, therefore the carvings should not be cleaned and vegetation should not be disturbed.
     Contact: rockartmeeting@googlemail.com

Source: Rock Art Meeting (May 2010)

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