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16 May 2010
'Orkney Venus' is back home

Westray schoolchildren met Scotland's oldest face - the Orkney Venus - at the Westray Heritage Centre. The children were the first visitors to the Westray exhibition, which opened to the public last May 15. The visit is part of the official opening of the exhibition, which sees the figurine return to Westray for the summer, after a tour of sites across Scotland.
     The 5,000 year old figurine - known locally as the Westray Wife - attracted international interest when it was discovered last summer by archaeologists working on Historic Scotland's excavation at the Links of Noltland, in Westray. The figurine is the only known Neolithic carving of a human form to have been found in Scotland. The exhibition will run in Westray until October, before the carving completes its tour at the Orkney Museum, in Kirkwall.

Source: Orkneyjar (14 may 2010)

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