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7 June 2010
Scottish engineers find prehistoric pot shard

The discovery of a late archaeological find have posed a raft of potential problems for constructors starting work on a multimillion-pound flood defence system for Inverness (Highland, Scotland). Highland Council chiefs and the company commissioned to build it are adamant, however, that they can overcome the issue.
     After many years of discussing the project, it emerged recently that a small segment of a Bronze or Iron Age pot had been discovered at the location. The builders are currently seeking guidance from their own experts in the respective fields with government agencies.
     Speaking before a turf-cutting ceremony at Knocknagael Farm to mark the start of work, the council's project engineer, Colin Howell, said: "It's one of the most challenging schemes that I've worked on because of the environmental constraints and what we've found." He said he was 'genuinely excited' by the discovery of the piece of ancient pot, adding the authority had made provision in the contract for finding such things, so it was 'of no financial significance to the council'.

Source: The Press and Journal (3 June 2010)

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