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29 June 2010
Artifacts dating back to 5000 BCE found in Vermont

Ancient projectiles dating back roughly 7,000 years ago were found by state archeologists on land near Thomas Dairy in Rutland Town (Vermont, USA) recently. John Thomas, one of the landowners, said the pointed projectiles looked like arrowheads and were discovered in at least two different locations on his property. The discovery occurred as a part of an archeological dig by the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation.
     Scott Dillon, a survey archeologist, said 16 projectiles were found at one location and appeared to be intentionally buried together in a pit. "These findings are quite rare and priceless. They really paint a picture of people living in the Rutland area 7,000 years ago." Dillon said the artifacts included stoneworking tools, fire-cracked rock and containers for cooking.
     After the discoveries were made, the state created buffer zones around the sensitive material and put a restriction on the land for anything but agriculture use. Despite the buffer zone determination, four lots on the Thomas property were subdivided, a portion of which will soon be sold to the federal government to build a 70,000-square-foot Armed Forces Reserve Center.
     Regarding the artifacts, Thomas said although the findings are not a financial burden yet, he feels they could be in the future. When asked how he feels about the discovery of ancient relics on his land, Thomas answered bluntly. "I feel that if these historic preservation people want to preserve these artifacts, they should put them in a museum and leave me alone."

Sources: Rutland Herald (24 June 2010), Boston Herald (25 June 2010)

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